Great to have Matt and the Weirds guys in the studio. And its a first for us to use our 5m x 3m green screen cloth for the background, then the same cloth on the floor and then to add to that…the guys also used my free standing green screen frame when shooting from the side…good thing is that the frame is totally free standing and can be moved to where its needed!

The lead singer Aidan booked the studio and said he loved it. Everything the video guys needed we had. Track and dolly, yes! Daylight balanced tubes, yes! Crane, yes….and on and on

Hey we even have a rotating table that a person can stand and on and spin for fun…looks good on video honest!!

Thanks for choosing our studio guys, and good luck with the album. And after being in my editing cabin next door to the studio I can honestly say that I know all the words and these guys ‘will’ wake the dead !

Weirds @studiohireleeds

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