2 hours studio hire in Leeds from £80 with lights using your backgrounds

(Includes free use of our pop up green screen reflector for head shots/vox pops)

8 hours green screen video studio hire for £270 including 24 ceiling mounted video lights – all you need  is your background or hire one of ours

If you hire a studio to shoot a video of what ever kind, what you need is a space that is clean, free of clutter, and comes with basic things like a kitchen, toilet and changing room, oh and some flash heads…and if you want to create a good impression and look professional in front of your clients/customers, then this space is made for you.

So for a basic video green screen set up you are able to use a pop up ‘greenscreen’ (green screen) for free. For bigger shots we have a few other options for you to choose from when booking the studio.

What makes this studio in Leeds special is it’s a studio owned and run by Adrian Forrest, a videographer/photographer himself, and he has everything you will ever need for a shoot:

  • Microphones

  • Lights

  • Makeup organised (not by me honest)

  • Tripods with floating heads

  • Cameras – you can choose between the Canon EOS 5DS R, Canon EOS 90D

  • Green screens, free standing and wall hanging

  • White shooting zone – this is 6m wide, 3m deep, 3m high….’loadsa’ space…get shooting

The studio is set up as standard for you with firstly; 14 ceiling mounted facing down (strip fluorescent’s); these lights are placed behind two giant screen diffusers mounted just underneath the lights to make it even more even and softer lighting.

Then we have 4 daylight balanced spot lights, 2 along the back wall, and two on the side wall; they are mounted on a sliding track/pantographs to move where ever you wish them to be, for any special effects or key lighting.

And finally there are a further 4 last daylight balanced strip lights for front lighting of the speaker/s or the scene.

You are the videographer, you do what you want to do. But just put it all back the same as when you entered the studio please. but if you do need some guidance then please chat to us. We can set it up for you for a small fee!

What gear do we have for you to hire?

We have lots and lots; this is some of what we can hire to videographers at Big Brown Doors Studio Hire:

  • Rode microphones

  • Feiyu gimbal for cameras up to 2kg in weight

  • Stands at various sizes – *free

  • Heavy duty boom arm – day hire charge £25

  • Video tripods with floating heads – day hire charge £35

  • Black flag/flags – day hire charge £10

  • Californian sun bounce reflector – day hire charge £10

  • Large black/white reflector – day hire charge £10

All canon cameras hired by us come with a suitable lens for your project – we have 24-105mm, 24-70mm and a 70-200mm.

green screen hire studio leeds
green screen hire studio Leeds