Sobriquet band was shot in Big Brown Doors Studio in Leeds by Chris Ogden/Long Chalk Media

Text from Instagram:


Well. That sure was a year.
We put out a record this May and while we never thought it would be under these sorts of circumstances, we still count ourselves lucky and we owe some thanks. For anyone we’ve worked with or shared a stage with, who has bought merch from us on one of the many Bandcamp Fridays or from our store, played one of our songs or supported us through this year in any way either personally or indirectly; thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Now the sappy shit’s out of the way, to business: we’ve got some awesome stuff we managed to get done this year that’s gonna blow your socks all the way off. January is gonna be intense.
Til then, let’s say a collective ‘fuck off 2020’, and wish each other a much more optimistic 2021.


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