Studio hire in Leeds for only £160.00 per day

There is no better studio to hire anywhere!

I have set out to make the rates for studio hire in Leeds affordable, realistic and achievable for both amateurs and professionals.

Whether you are a professional videographer/photographer, or an amateur trying to gain experience, Big Brown Doors Studio Hire is the perfect studio hire space. Check out the FAQs for any questions you may have – click here

After 25 years being a professional photographer I know what is needed for a good studio space. But I did not just want a good studio space, I wanted a ‘great’ studio space to hire out. The reason is that if the studio space fulfils everybody’s requirements, more people will come back again, and again!

One thing that I have changed in the pricing policy is to make the hire space and facilities more customisable to each person/company hiring the space! What I mean by that is for each person/company are able to have the studio at a good price and use the facilities they need only. No point in paying for something that you won’t need to use is there?

So first thing to sort is your hire period, then the actual studio background you need; it may be that you want the studio as is, then great that is what you choose. Meaning you may want to bring your own background/green screen etc, however you can also choose one of our backgrounds. This saves you buying it, especially if it is a one off for you!

So look at the options and choose what works for you. No more packages as I used to do, just plain and straight forward, you want it, you don’t want it. Then pay the price it says, easy peasy hey!


There is no better equipped studio in Leeds to hire

We also have lots of other gear/equipment, so just make a note on your order and we can chat about:

  • Microphones – SM58, RODE, lapel,DSLR; each @ £20.00 per day
  • Green screen body suit @ £20.00 per day
  • 1.2m DSLR track/slider @ £20.00 per day
  • 6m of track and [email protected] £20.00 per day
  • Video tripods @ £20.00 per day
  • Small crane/jib @ £20.00 per day
  • Hedler tungsten lights – 3x for £20.00 per day (breakages/bulbs to pay for)
  • Neewer Dimmable Bi-color LED with U Bracket Professional Video Lights – 4x for £20.00 per day (breakages to pay for)
  • Boom arm stands (they get the light where a stand can’t go) @£15.00 per day

Photographic equipment: S35 sunspot, Elinchrom Ring Flash, Elinchrom zoom elipsoid – see the photography hire page for a list of equipment and their costs to hire. This is Ady’s photographic equipment that he has collected over 25 years as a professional photographer. If you are not sure about why or how something…ask Ady

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