Hire rates for studio & backgrounds hire

The cost to hire the studio and backgrounds:

  • 1 hour studio hire @ £35 (extra hour @ £35 ph)

  • Half day studio hire @ £100

  • Full day studio hire @ £175 (8 hours)

  • A long day hire @ £245 (max 11 hours with 8pm finish)

  • Green screen free-standing frame @ £60 (white/black also)

  • The white zone 6m x 3m x 3m @ £50

  • Green screen floor and wall 6m x 3m x 3m @ £70

  • Black zone floor and wall 6m x 3m x 3m @ £50

  • 1 days studio heating (when it is colder weather) @ £25

Bring your own background, and pay £175 for the studio including lights – or hire one of our backgrounds see them here

The important  other options are if you want to use our green screen / black screen or the white zone. To use our backgrounds or the white zone you need to add it on the booking form, which is from an additional £30.

And lastly if you wish to have heating on while you work. Some people are really tough and wear T shirts all year round. Well not me, I am a wimp and like to be warm. So heating while you work will cost you £25. For me its a no brainer; I want to be warm, and I want my clients feeling comfortable!

All the options and others are on the booking form – take me there now

studio images


  • If you want a date for your shoot then book it; you will then receive confirmation of the date if it is available, and then an invoice to pay for your hire period

  • Once payment is made that date is then set in stone for you and your shoot

  • If it is not paid within 24 hours the date is then made available for other clients to hire. There is no reminders. It is a first first to pay policy. Sorry but we do get messed around, and that in turn affects you, our customers


There is no better equipped studio in Leeds to hire

Whether you are a professional videographer/photographer, or an amateur trying to gain experience, Big Brown Doors Studio Hire is the perfect studio hire space.

Check out the FAQs for any questions you may have – click here

We also have lots of other gear/equipment, so just make a note on your order and we can chat about:

  • Microphones – SM58, RODE, lapel,DSLR; each @ £50.00 per day

  • Green screen body suit @ £20.00 per day

  • 6m of track and dolly with video tripod @ £50.00 per day

  • Video tripods @ £20.00 per day

  • Small crane/jib @ £20.00 per day

  • Hedler tungsten lights – 3x for £20.00 per day (breakages/bulbs to pay for)

  • Neewer Dimmable Bi-color LED with U Bracket Professional Video Lights – 4x for £40.00 per day (breakages to pay for)

  • Boom arm stands (they get the light where a stand can’t go) @£20.00 per day

Photographic equipment:
S35 sunspot, Elinchrom Ring Flash, Elinchrom zoom elipsoid – see the photography hire page for a list of equipment and their costs to hire.