Got a call from a teacher at Lower Wortley primary school. They are doing an end of year show and could I help getting some of the kids to fly?

Excuse me….mmmm

Well go on then. So I set up the green screen, lights etc and I am ready to go. But then a quick call from the teacher to say omg….some of the costumes are green! Okay time to use the small blue screen cloth that I have been saving for a rainy day.

Off we go then….


And this is a letter received by myself from the children:

Dear Adrian,

Thank you for letting us come to your studio (and putting up with our noise). We really enjoyed it! It was the best afternoon of the year. You have made our pantomime complete now that we can actually fly! Because you have given us the chance to make the 2019 panto the best one yet, we would like to invite you to one of the 4 performances….

Isn’t that nice – sadly I am setting off for my Middle East cruise before their show begins…thanks Kids.